introducing your personal sustainability sidekick.

what is ecotrack?

the world's first passive carbon footprint tracker app.

Track your carbon footprint

Get personalized advice

Live more sustainably

Cut carbon

Get rewarded

Be an ecotracker

how does it work?

ecotrack uses machine learning to track your carbon footprint for you.

1. download the app

download the app and fill out a quick survey - it takes less than 2 minutes

2. get tracked

the app tracks you, updating your travel, food and energy footprints automatically

3. go green

cut carbon with actions tailored to your life

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Cultivate your forest

Save CO2 and watch your forest grow

Get badges

Collect the 150 badges in the ecotrack world

Challenge your friends

Challenge your friends to live more sustainable lives

Travel footprint

See your per-trip carbon footprint

Food footprint

Track your emissions from food consumption

Home energy footprint

Your home's energy footprint, intelligently estimated

subscription options

our paid options give you access to rewards and advanced features.
we'll also offset your emissions so you can go carbon neutral.

free account

freefor life

  • powerfulcarbon tracking across foot, transport and energy
  • tailored tipsto cut carbon

go green

$5per month

  • we offsetyour unavoidable emissions
  • rewardsand advanced features within the app

go carbon neutral

$5-15per month

  • all the features of go green
  • we offset allof your emissions

the team

Simon Black
Yan Leng
Josh Cowls
Jason Seibel

our short story

ecotrack started in 2015. Simon was helping the British government negotiate the Paris Agreement on climate change. But he became frustrated that he did not know his own carbon footprint. Why is personal sustainability so hard?

Studying at Harvard in 2016, Simon met Yan, a data scientist at MIT, who also had a shared passion for using tech to help people go green. Then they met Josh and Jason, also from MIT, who shared their vision and joined as gurus of growth and code, respectively.

Together, we want to make personal sustainability simple. With ecotrack, we aim to help humans cut carbon.

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